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We are a high quality activewear company, focused on providing durable atheticwear for circus arts and fitness individuals alike

Our goal is to bring you training wear that you can depend on, no matter how rough your discipline may be. We promise to bring you apparel that is squatproof, reliable, and built to last. We strive to work with ethical companies, and hope to offer more eco-friendly options  and operations as we grow. Each item is hand tested by our owner, Courtney Stevens, to ensure items are of the best quality, and functional for aerial and acrobatics. 


Courtney Stevens

Our Owner

Courtney Stevens is a Professional Aerialist based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Her background consists of 8 years of gymnastics, and over 20 years of dance. She has been a member of the circus community since 2014. She is a full time instructor teaching at a variety of studios across Utah, and is a full time performer with multiple entertainment companies and venues in Utah as well. Courtney began her clothing line, originally self-titled "Courtney Stevens Apparel", in October 2018. After a couple years of business and finding her stride, the Cirque Boutique was born, and rebranded in February 2021.


Instagram: @aerialchaos

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